TheShops Ready - a free NetShops Affiliate Datafeed Site Script

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TheShops Ready
ver 1.51 - a free NetShops affiliate datafeed site script

price : $0 (free)

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- A fast, reliable and tested PHP Script
- Support NetShops dynamic datafeed
- Support 80+ NetShops stores
- Support specialty store
- Search engine friendly
- Support template style

Script Demo
This script supports templates style, therefore you can make your own design without worrying the whole script. Below are demo of our templates sites.
1. shopping site
2. shopping

Template demo
1. Basic template
2. General template
3. Chesssets template
4. Birthbaths template

1. PHP (4.0.3 or above) with support database MySQL
2. Apache web server with mod_rewrite module
3. The Netshops affiliate id, get it here !

1. zip : (310 KB)
2. tar.gz : theshops_ready.tar.gz (270 KB)

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